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Travel Insurance claims can be submitted digitally and are currently handled directly by Starr Insurance Companies Singapore Pte Ltd.

Contact Starr's 24-Hour hotline if you need further information or assistance services.

+65 3158 2536

Visit Starr's website for more details.


Contact our 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Helpline

+65 61001620

We’ve made claims for your car insurance needs as hands free as possible! We will handle everything for you.

This includes;

  • Sending our representatives down to the scene of an accident to make an accident report
  • Arranging towing for you
  • Filling any needed forms and more

Term Life

term life insurance
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We know Life Insurance claims are a sensitive matter. We'll walk you through the process and take care of everything quickly and simply.


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as of 27 Feb 2023

$301, 183.32

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