Filing a claim is a breeze


Step 1

In the event of an accident or for warranty claims, contact our insurer’s 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Helpline: +65 6100 1620


Step 2

Our representative will guide you through the paperwork and arrange to tow your vehicle if necessary.


Step 3

Sit tight and wait for your claim to be processed!

24-hour Emergency Assistance Helpline

In the event of an accident immediately contact our 24-hour emergency assistance helpline:

We’ve made claims for your car insurance needs as hands free as possible! We will handle everything for you.

This includes:

  • Sending our representatives down to the scene of an accident to make an accident report
  • Arranging towing for you
  • Filling any needed forms and more

Bubblegum Authorised Car Workshops

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Still confused?

Check out our FAQs. We have eliminated all the industry mumbo jumbo so you can make the most informed choices for you and your loved ones.

Bubblegum Car Insurance is a new type of car insurance coverage that not only protects you if you get into an accident but also if your engine or gearbox breaks down. You can choose from a wide array of coverage options that best suit your needs.

By packaging an Engine & Gearbox Warranty Benefit into a Motor Insurance Policy, Bubblegum Comprehensive Car Insurance + Warranty offers one of the best coverage at the best prices. Normal Engine & Gearbox Warranties can cost up to $450 dollars, whereas Bubblegum Car Insurance provides that coverage for a fraction of the cost and also covers your liabilities if you get into an accident.

Not only does Bubblegum Car Insurance offer an engine & gearbox warranty option, but we also allow you to repair your vehicle at any workshop (if you add the Any Workshop option to your policy) in the event of an accident.

Bubblegum Car Insurance is Underwritten by India International Insurance Pte Ltd, a licensed Insurance company that has been operating in Singapore since 1987.

Just like most Motor insurance policies, Bubblegum Car Insurance lasts for one year. You can further extend this to 18 months should you need to match your Insurance expiry date with your Road Tax due date.

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