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Cruise into savings on premiums that are cheaper than most policies out there. Hands (and wheels) down, one of the best-priced car insurance policies you can buy in Singapore today.

Get more mileage for your money with policies that give you bumper-to-bumper coverage that even extends to an engine and gearbox warranty!

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We’ve got great prices and are happy to prove it. Our easy calculator can help you figure out how much your Bubblegum Car Insurance might cost. You’ll be revving to make the switch.

Get 10% off your car insurance premium from now till 31 December 2022.*

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Why Choose Bubblegum Car Insurance?

One of the Lowest Yearly Premiums for Comprehensive Coverage
engine gear box
Engine and Gearbox Warranty Included
Easy & Fast Application via App

You’ll be covered for

workshop repairs
Any workshop repairs
engine gearbox warranty
Engine & gearbox warranty
3rd party damage
Third party damages
medical expense
Medical expenses
windscreen damage
Windscreen damage
personal accident
Personal Accident
roadside assisstance
Roadside Assistance

Not included

influence of alcohol
Driving under the influence
illegal modification
Illegal modifications
unlicensed driver
Unlicensed drivers
Policy Wordings

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Get 10% Off*

Get 10% off your car insurance premium from now till 31 December 2022.*
Download the Bubblegum app to sign up and use code SAVE10 at checkout.

T&Cs apply.

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Why is Bubblegum Car Insurance a no-brainer?

Well, our premiums are one of the lowest in Singapore. You also receive comprehensive coverage with a range of workshops to choose from, as well as an engine and gearbox warranty.

What’s more, you can get your car bubbled in protection within minutes through our simple application process on the Bubblegum app. There might be traffic lights in Singapore that take longer.

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We beat most of the top leading insurers on price

Scenario: Tom is 33 years old, he drives a 2017 Honda Fit with 40% NCD and has had no “at fault” accidents in the last 3 years.

If Tom switches to Bubblegum Car Insurance, his premium will be around 17% lower than the average price of the top leading insurance companies in Singapore.

If you want to get into the sticky details, here’s a table* to illustrate this:

Any workshop
available check
not available
available check
not available
not available
Engine & Gearbox Warranty
available check
not available
not available
not available
not available
Third-Party Liability
available check
available check
available check
available check
available check
Towing Costs
available check
available check
available check
available check
available check
Windscreen Coverage
available check
available check
available check
available check
available check
* From the respective insurer's website. Accurate as of October 2022

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Bubblegum Car Insurance?

Bubblegum Car Insurance is a new type of car insurance coverage that not only protects you if you get into an accident but also if your engine or gearbox breaks down. You can choose from a wide array of coverage options that best suit your needs.

Why should I get Bubblegum Car Insurance?

By packaging an Engine & Gearbox Warranty Benefit into a Motor Insurance Policy, Bubblegum Comprehensive Car Insurance + Warranty offers one of the best coverage at the best prices. Normal Engine & Gearbox Warranties can cost up to $450 dollars, whereas Bubblegum Car Insurance provides that coverage for a fraction of the cost and also covers your liabilities if you get into an accident.

How is Bubblegum Car Insurance different from other motor insurance policies?

Not only does Bubblegum Car Insurance offer an engine & gearbox warranty option, but we also allow you to repair your vehicle at any workshop (if you add the Any Workshop option to your policy) in the event of an accident. 

Is this Policy reputable?

Bubblegum Car Insurance is Underwritten by India International Insurance Pte Ltd, a licensed Insurance company that has been operating in Singapore since 1987.

What is the policy duration for Bubblegum Car insurance?

Just like most Motor insurance policies, Bubblegum Car Insurance lasts for one year. You can further extend this to 18 months should you need to match your Insurance expiry date with your Road Tax due date.

Can Bubblegum Car Insurance cover Private Hire Rental?

No, not yet… Sorry about that. 

What are the types of vehicles covered under Bubblegum Car Insurance?

All makes and models can be covered, however do note that the engine & gearbox warranty benefit is only applicable to vehicles with less than 200,000km in mileage.

Where can I get my vehicle repaired?

Should an accident occur, vehicles can be repaired at any workshop (or a panel of workshops depending on the policy you choose). For engine & gearbox warranty repairs, customers are required to choose a workshop from our ever-growing panel list. This allows us to ensure cost efficient and affordable repairs for our customers.

I am buying my vehicle from a dealer and it comes with a warranty. Should I buy Bubblegum’s Comprehensive Insurance + Warranty?

Yes! All Motor Warranties have a claims limit, so purchasing Bubblegum's Comprehensive Car insurance + Warranty would essentially increase that limit for more protection.

Additionally, since this covers both your compulsory motor insurance and Engine and Gearbox Warranty, you might try asking your Car Dealer for a discount on your vehicle as they would not need to purchase a stand-alone warranty.

Warranty Benefit

What components are covered under warranty with Bubblegum Comprehensive Car Insurance + Warranty Cover?

Bubblegum car insurance warranty covers most of the components within the engine and gearbox. Your policy document will contain more details specific to your make and model. Please see our policy document for more details.

Is there an excess for warranty claims?

No, with the condition that the vehicle is 10 years old or less. Excess for vehicles older than 10 years is $150.

What is the claim limit for warranty repairs?

The claims limit for warranty repairs is $5,000. By limiting the repair liability, we can offer the most affordable product on the market while still covering the cost of the most common repairs.

Is there a mileage limit for warranty repairs?

Yes, warranty claims are only valid if the vehicle’s mileage is under 200,000 km.

Do I need to get a pre-inspection before my vehicle can be covered for warranty protection?

Nope! There is no need for pre-inspections.

Do I need to get my vehicle serviced?

Vehicles must be maintained as per the policy document for the warranty benefit to be claimable. Servicing can be done at any workshop including workshops not covered under this policy.

Are wear and tear or pre-existing conditions covered for warranty repairs?

As with all other Motor Warranty products in the market, wear and tear and pre-existing conditions are not covered. This is done so we can keep the price of the benefit as low as possible.

How does the insurance company know if my vehicle has a pre-existing condition that would not be covered?

Since no pre-inspection is required to enroll in the warranty benefit, we impose a “cool-off” Period for warranty claims. Additionally, when a warranty claim is made, customers are required to provide us with their latest vehicle servicing records (from prior to enrolling in the policy) that will inform us if there were any pre-existing conditions with the vehicle.

What is the cool-off period?

The “cool-off” period refers to the first 30 days or first 1,000km after policy inception of Bubblegum Comprehensive Car Insurance + Warranty Policy. 

Do note that claims are not payable during the cool-off period since they will likely be caused by a pre-existing condition, which is not covered under this policy. 

This is the required condition for the non-mandatory pre-inspections. Customers can opt in for a pre-inspection and remove the cool-off period restriction if desired.

How is the warranty portion of Bubblegum Comprehensive Car Insurance + Warranty different from other warranty products?

The majority of motor warranties in Singapore are administered by a single workshop. This means that pre-inspection, servicing, and warranty repairs must be done at the issuing workshop for the warranty to be valid.

Bubblegum offers you the freedom of non-mandatory pre-inspections and servicing at any workshop. (Note: the Any Workshop add-on applies to repairs in the event of an accident.)

Engine and gearbox warranty repairs will need to be done at any of our authorized workshops.


Why am I ineligible to purchase Bubblegum's Car Insurance?

Period of Insurance: The policy term is fixed from 1 year to 18 months

Vehicle age:

  • Comprehensive + Warranty & Comprehensive policies are only applicable to vehicles 12 years old and under. 
  • Third Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) covers vehicles up to 15 years old.
  • Third Party Only (TPO) covers vehicles up to 20 years old.

Vehicle usage: Only personal use vehicles are eligible for this policy. Private Hire (e.g Grab) is not allowed under this policy

Driver age: Policyholder / Main driver must be at least 21 years old and not more than 70 years old

Driving Experience: Policyholder / Main Driver must have at least 1 year of driving experience in Singapore.

Make and Model: Unfortunately we are unable to cover certain car make and models under this policy. If in doubt, contact us to find out if your vehicle is eligible. We are working continuously to expand this list.

Number of claims: if you have 3 or more at-fault accidents in the last 3 years, we will not be able to process your purchase through our app. Our General Insurance Specialist will get in touch with you to provide a quotation offline.

Total claims amount: If you have over $7,000 of at-fault claims in the last 3 years, we will not be able to process your purchase through our app. Our General Insurance Specialist will get in touch with you to provide a quotation off-line.


How much does Bubblegum Car Insurance cost?

Bubblegum Comprehensive Car Insurance + Warranty is affordably priced. Generally, Asian vehicles which are 1800cc and below with 50% NCD can expect Premiums to cost around $650.


What do I do if I get into an Accident or need to make a warranty claim?

If you get into an accident, call or Whatsapp our 24-hour hotline at +65 9131 1010. Our team can assist you on-site or simply help you get the claims process started. Our goal is to make your claims process as fuss-free as possible.